Gnowledge Highlights

Gnowledge introduction video

Welcome to Gnowledge! Our introduction video will briefly show you why you should use Gnowledge and
how to use its most prominent features.

  • A look at a Vanity Pages

    A quick look at Vanity Pages, what they are and how they work.

  • Test Activity Report

    Here we showcase what you can do with your own Test Activity Report. Check the scores and progress of everyone who has taken your test!

  • Gnowledge Search

    See the full power of the search engine. The video shows an example for a really specific search and another for a generic search.

  • Setting Students

    This shows you how to set test takers as your students and how to use it to view only test results from your students.

  • Comments and Ratings

    This video shows you how to review comments and ratings for your tests through the Manage My Tests page and the Test Activity Report.

  • Manage My Tests

    This video explains how to use the Manage My Tests page to review and edit a test, review comments and ratings, and how to save changes and publish a test after editing it.

How-To Videos


Download the Gnowledge PDF Manual

Gnowledge PDF Manual

Introduction and Product Description

This printable handout briefly introduces Gnowledge and includes a brief tutorial on its features.

Click Here to Download